The Best Series, According to Mii

This showcases the five playable sports in Wii Sports: Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis.

As of December 13th, 2019, Wii Sports is the 4th best-selling video game of all time. Granted, a free copy of the game came with every purchase of every Wii console, so some people argue that Wii Sports doesn’t deserve it’s spot on the chart. This isn’t the only instance in which a game from the Wii series has been berated. In my experience, a lot of the games from this series have been deemed “boring” and “cringey.” My opinion, contrarilly, is the exact opposite. The charm from these games has captivated me since I first got them, and I still play these games today. Even the Wii Fit games that I don’t have make we wish I did have them. I love playing these for a number of reasons.

Mii characters are made in the Mii Channel in a process that looks like this.

I’m definitely a sucker for character creation, hence my love for the like The Sims. The Mii characters being the avatars played with in these games are no exception. They have a cutesy-cartoonish style to them while still having a limitless rage of adaptability to make each Mii unique. The animations and facial expressions these characters make when they cheer, cry, dance, and many others are unlike any other animations I’ve seen, and I love their style of movement. Everything about these little people is perfect, so it’s no wonder I love their use in these games.

This game from Wii Play Motion is similar to Luigi’s Mansion, as you catch ghosts in a vacuum-like machine.

Secondly, every one of these games is unique. Yes, there are other party games and sports games and fitness games out there, but the ones for the Wii are different, partially because of the use of motion controls. Especially in Wii Play, these games feature all sorts of different ways the Wii remote can be used. Shaking, tilting, button pressing, and the like are all different methods of playing these games, and I love how each control scheme is implemented in these games.

Wii Party U‘s “Dance with Mii” keeps everyone on their feet.

What’s more, these games are actually fun. With Wii Party, anybody can pick up the minigames pretty easily and become engaged in it quickly. Wii Sports Resort has some of the hardest challenges I’ve ever done in it, but I still had fun completing them. Wii Music is a great game to play with friends for virtually playing music and just vibing. No matter what you’re doing with a game from this series, you’re having fun.

Many games from this series even include adorable dogs!

I cannot tell you how much these games alone have made me laugh, rage, and even cry. I’ve spent countless hours playing each of them, and even through the hard parts, I still had fun. Every time I’ve played this game with friends, there has never been a time where I noticed they weren’t smiling while they were playing. Trust me, there is nothing boring nor cringey about seeing that.

Wii Music at E3 2008 was an unforgettable experience. Especially for this guy.

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